Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in Solo: A Star Wars Story, an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a

Next Gen (2018)

Next Gen (2018) The movie begins in the future, with a world where robots named Q-Bots developed by IQ Robotics and humans co-exist. We begin with a young girl named Mai. She was a happy kid until her parents; Molly and Matthew, got into

Sierra Burgess is a Loser (2018)

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018) Sierra is an intelligent teen who has a crush on a popular boy, Jamey. When he texts her by mistake, thinking he has popular girl Veronica’s cell number, she texts him back, without letting him know her true

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Intent on rescuing the remaining rampant dinosaurs that now roam free on Isla Nublar’s vast landscapes, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing return to the now-ruined Jurassic World theme park, against the backdrop of an imminent and utterly devastating volcanic